Lake Geneva Musings

#Ziomuś #friends


I’m sitting on a balcony overlooking Lake Geneva listening to the humming sounds of A9 motorway. I have been here for 2 weeks now. Summer Camp. Fun and horror. But mostly fun.

I needed a summer job after quitting a good teaching position and becoming a part timer in a different prep school with unreliable freelancing gigs outside. I also needed to be as far away from London as possible.

The city started to eat my heart away again. Slowly but surely, with its well known subtle cruelty.

So I’m here, escaping one controlling prison and being part of another…but less painful and more beautiful.

The days are quite intense and full of activities I would never think of participating in. Laser tag. Go karting. Archery. Treetop adventure. Boat.

I have faced so many of my fears (that of height in particular) and came out of it feeling as strong…

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